MYP Product Design

The MYP Product Design course is about the design cycle:

  • Inquiring and Analysing
  • Developing Ideas
  • Creating the Solution
  • Evaluation

I try hard to create projects through the grades that build on each other. I like to develop students’ graphic skills to a high level as I believe being able to sketch and visualise a concept is a skill that will be useful throughout life. Although there is little emphasis on the construction part of the process in the MYP grading criteria, the students love to make things and I think that setting projects that challenge them in basic basic woodworking and metalworking skills is also something that they will benefit from in the future.

Measure twice, cut once!

I put a lot of emphasis on teaching the students how to make their products correctly, using the correct procedures, tools and machines. Many of them want to rush their projects and will not take the time to learn how to use a tool correctly before making a cut. The old carpenters adage “measure twice, cut once” is one they hear often from me and I believe it is important for them to learn to slow down in this world of instant gratification.