Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan

Teacher of Design & Technology and Physical Education

I grew up on the Isle of Man and was fortunate enough to attend an independent boarding school where my father worked as a PE, Maths and Biology teacher. It was a very rounded and international education with students coming from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I was especially enthusiastic about all the sports on offer and won the victor ludorum in my final year and I still hold a school swimming record! As a boy, I was always trying to find out how things worked by taking them to pieces. To my mother’s dismay, this did not always equate to me being able to put them back together again! Design & Technology at school consisted of woodwork, metalwork and technical drawing and I felt technically very well prepared to study design and sports’ science in York. 

After my degree, I spent a few months working as a sport’s coach to school children in Hong Kong. It was here that I discovered how much I loved working with children and on my return I began my career in teaching as a student in the same school that Rob Andrew and the Underwood brothers learnt their rugby before playing for England. The design department was very engineering orientated, unlike that of Framlingham College, which covers almost everything and has one of the best school workshops in Britain. I was hugely fortunate to work with two extremely experienced colleagues who taught me much about Oxford and London board GCSE and A level D&T. On top of teaching, coaching rugby, hockey and cricket and also boarding house tutoring, I completed my PGCE before moving to Austria.

My enthusiasm for skiing and rugby continued with weekends dedicated to playing for my club and then driving up to the Alps. My move from education into industry was driven by a massive curiosity about software design and development. What was meant to be five years as a developer turned into fifteen before my return to the classroom much the wiser for the experience. My role of teaching digital and product design at the Danube International School gave me a lot of scope to bring my experience of web software design projects from industry into the classroom. I demand quality work and good project management from the students as this is what the workplace will require of them in their futures. 

I have a tendency to throw myself into projects and have been heavily involved in the MYP personal project. I programmed an attendance system to assist the admin staff, and organised and lead a new “challenge week” trip for grade 10 students, which is an annual school outdoor activities event for all grade levels. I love to travel and am now eager to experience living and working in a new culture. I am still refereeing rugby and will be seeking out the local club to volunteer my services and immediately begin to get to know the local people and integrating into the country. 

My passion for teaching is still growing year by year as I discover new ways of delivering concepts and ideas using technology tools such as Google Classroom. Having set the standards in the design department at the Danube school, I am now excited about the prospect of bringing my enthusiasm and experience to the diploma program in another good international school.